Why You Should Never Accept Casino Bonuses

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For some reason, casino bonuses seem to be hot among many players. They are offered 100 to 300% deposit bonuses and hundreds of free spins. This is a lot of money to play on, but will you really end up casing out?excited woman
Lets take a look at exactly what happens when you take a no deposit bonus.

Casino Deposit Bonuses Explained

First of all, yes you actually do get a huge percentage of your bonus to play with. The ruled involved can really make it not worth your while.

Hidden in the text, usually way at the bottom of the screen where no one reads are a bunch of terms and conditions. If you do not meet these conditions you will never see any of your money.

Some of the most common conditions that Bitcoin casinos have are wager requirements. These usually range anywhere from 30x up to 60x the amount you deposited. So for example, if a player was to receive a 100% bonus and deposits 1 BTC, that player would have to play through 30 Bitcoins before they could cash out. When playing slots, the odds are already against the player. These type of bonuses decrease their odds even further of any hope of making any sort of return.

Another common condition is the player is not allowed to bet max. Casinos that implement this rule can strip all of your winnings if you break it.

Free Spins! Yeah, Do Not Get Too Excited Yet

Free spins are nothing more than to get you to deposit more money. Can you win with free spins? Sure. You can also get hit with lightning too.

The casino give you free spins on the lowest bet setting. So basically they give you pennies to play with. If you do win anything during your free spins you most likely will need to play through 30 to 60x your winnings before you can even think about casing out.

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In most cases, this is enough to get the gambling itch and the player deposits money to continue to play.

How To Turn Off Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

In order to turn off your Bitcoin casino deposit bonuses you will need to sign in to your account. Once you are logged in, go to the deposit section. In all of the SoftSwiss platform casinos there will be an option to turn off deposit bonuses.

turn off casino bonuses

Simply check the checkbox and no more deposit bonuses will be credited to your account.

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